Fosshotel – Glacier Lagoon/Jökulsárlón

Typically, you read a lot about the trips around the Ring road in Iceland. If this doesn’t appeal to you, or you are short on time consider this: If you have ever looked for a perfect home in the middle of nowhere, simply stop in a Floss Hotel Glacier Lagoon and you will be inspired to never leave. Built and newly completed in 2016 the Floss Hotel Glacier Lagoon offers great hospitality, a lounge, and a centralized base camp for exploring the southern part of Iceland. Day trips are near and far from here, with the must visits being: Jökulsárlón (glacier lagoon , Jökulsárlón Beach (black sand beach with icebergs), Vik, Höfn, and an Ice Cave tour with Localguide. These all vary in distance from the hotel, but can all be reach in a single day. The duration will depend on how easily distracted you get with the serene beauty. Make sure too look at the MAP on my homepage for pins and pictures of each spot!

The Hotel itself has spacious rooms to layout and plan for each day’s adventure, with comfortable beds and heated floors in the bathrooms to keep you comfortable early in the morning and late at night. Food can be hard to come by when you are in the middle of no where but the Floss Hotel Glacier Lagoon has a restaurant in the middle of the property that serves all three meals of the day. With panoramic views of the coast line enjoy the sunrise and sunset while having a morning coffee, or enjoying a glass of wine and reminiscing of how beautiful the black sand beach is with all of the ice bergs that float up on it. Family style tables and individual tables for two are available all night for diner, just be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time

To wind down any day at Floss Hotel Glacier lagoon, or learn a little bit more about those who are travelling around you be sure to spend a night or two at the lounge located directly behind the reception, fresh Icelandic cocktails are on a menu that constantly rotates along with wine a beer. The lounge has a range of couches, chairs and even a spacious outdoor patio with a fire pit to share stories around and take in the untouched landscape that surrounds this stunning hotel.


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