Blue Lagoon

A staple of Iceland is the geothermal activity and large supply of natural hot springs as a result of it. Given the fact there are several small hot springs scattered throughout the country, the Blue Lagoon is conveniently located between the international airport and Reykjavik, making it a great first stop when you arrive.

Looking Over the Blue Lagoon


The lagoon’s hours are generous to the long and short days you can experience, and also requires a ticket ahead of time. By requiring an entry ticket – the number of people is set such that you will never feel crowded, but just in good company. There is a VIP option available which I recommend for the early morning flights, as it provides you with separate private amenities, a designated changing area and relaxation room to recoup your jet lag.

If you really want to indulge, check in to the newly completed hotel that sits on the property and stay your first night over the countries largest blue hot spring! Be sure to follow rules about the conditioner and keep the mineral rich water from crusting your hair for the rest of your trip. Sitting in the lagoon for sunrise or sunset can make it extra special with purples and pinks adding to the already serene and gentle baby blue landscape that you’re relaxing in.

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