The Ritz Carlton – Tokyo

Tokyo is an incredible city, and it’s bigger than any other place you’ve ever been before. With 38 Million people, there are more than just a few places to be in the city, and certainly see. For an opportunity to climb as high as the Tokyo tower every night as you fall into bed, and become a resident of a complex that totals over 1 million square feet – the Ritz Carlton Tokyo is a wonderful place to call home. Located in the heartbeat of the city, you have quick access to several subway stops, the main one being Roppongi. With a network of underground walkways, shops and stores; Roppongi hills, and the center the Ritz Carlton sit in Tokyo Midtown. From fine dining to shopping and the pharmacy, consider yourself in good hands, this area can provide you with everything you need.

The Service and staff of the Ritz Carlton Tokyo are second to none. The Japanese culture prides themselves in being appropriate and polite no matter what the situation is. Your welcome to the hotel can be made exquisitely personal by booking a club level room, at which point you will bypass all check in counters and be taken directly to your room by a personal staff member who will collect all the necessary information in the comfort of your own room. Be sure to request a room with a view of the Tokyo Tower, as you’ll look out over it as the city goes to sleep and the tower comes alive; lit up brilliantly every night.

The Hotel Rooms are the largest “standard King” room I have ever stayed in, at least they felt that way. Why, you ask? The bathroom. Coming in at 560 square feet, the room is divided in half, with double doors entering the bathroom area – his and hers sinks, a private shower room, and toilet room (with a modern Japanese toilet) This spacious area is designed to enhance your experience in a very traditional way. The amenities of the Ritz Carlton are filled throughout the space with daily replenishment, and oversize bath towels and robes for your comfort.

The club level was a converted space during my stay, but nonetheless was still stocked with food and complimentary beverages, along with a spectacular corner view that laid out a panoramic view of the city. As an option, breakfast was complimentary in the main lobby restaurant everyday due to the limited service in club at the time. The Breakfast spread is much to large to try everything in one sitting let alone three nights. Everything is featured from the traditional western breakfast (omelet station too!), to cold cuts and European flavors, and does not forget traditional Japanese delicacies either. I hope to visit the property again someday as I have heard the club amenities at the property are consistently ranked as the #1

club throughout the entire hotel chain.

The breath-taking views, location, and incredible world class (literally) service the Ritz Carlton Tokyo provides are something to enjoy whilst you buzz around the city. The concierge will make any reservations you request, and have a book full of options for any style of dinner you wish to enjoy while you are in town. One thing I would recommend in Tokyo is renting a pocket WiFi to carry with you, they are very affordable, and makes getting from A to B via public transportation easier than navigating the NYC subway.


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