Soori Bali – a Luxury Retreat

Are you looking for a beach front resort in paradise, with horses to ride at sunset as the beach waves crash below you, and a five star dinner awaits you immediately afterward? If so, look no further than a small Indonesian island called Bali, and visit Soori. On Arrival you will be greeted by several staff members and two locals sit on floating platforms over the entry pool, playing harmonious melodies on balinise tingklik’s.


With an entrance that will take your breath away, the Soori property is buttered with private villas, completely secluded from one another, a meditation pool, a lounge pool, and a spa that you could call home for multiple days. For a large group or family reunion or wedding be sure to explore the opportunity to stay in the Soori estate boasting 10 bedrooms, a two story dinning room and a pool of it’s own.


Accommodations even on the simple end are spacious, and have a private plunge pool with a view of the ocean or the lush rice field adjacent to the property. Oceanfront Villas are stacked, and I recommend getting one “upstairs” to maximize the open air and view of the stars at night. Access to the beach is still very simple from perched villa. White noise machines or sleeping aids aren’t necessary at all, as the eaves on the nearby beach will sooth you to sleep each night. Each room comes assigned with a private butler who you will be able to call at any time to fetch you a drink, bring over extra towels or even draw a bath for you as you relax outside enjoying the sunset.

Being secluded, Soori realizes that this paradise will be hard to leave and provide a overabundance of dining options to compliment your stay. Cotta, Ombak and the Reading room are all unique in their own way – with a full room service menu to round out a casual night on your own private patio. Be sure to review the menu when you first arrive as there are some special items that require advanced notice of 24 hours. Dietary restrictions are easily accommodated, and do not limit the brilliant capabilities of the chef in each kitchen. Is a health rebalance something you want to focus on? Allow the spa and kitchen to create custom journey that will help you rebalance your metabolism and feel like you were sixteen again.

The Spa at Soori is an absolute as you rest, recuperate and indulge on the coast of Bali. Splurge for an all day treatment, and you will be provided with your own spa suite large than the villa you stay in! Look at the Ultimate Escape, and you’ll be paired with a spa technician that stays with you throughout the day – getting to know where you require the most relaxation and rejuvenation. The healthy focus doesn’t end with treatment, but continues with fitness that is either self guided or taught by a certified instructor. Yoga on the patio at Sunrise is an incredible way to start each and every day, looking out over the calm Indian ocean, breathing in freshly minted ocean air and listening to the soothing sounds of the nearby meditation pond.

With architecture that lends itself to the surrounding landscape, and a staff that is 80% local – literally from the village 10 minutes away – Soori is a private oasis on the west coast of Bali that cannot be missed if your goal is it rest, relax, be happy and healthy.


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