Chasing Light – What does that mean?

Every day, you wake up and you open your eyes. The first thing that happens is incredibly scientific, there are millions of cells on the back of your retina that process electromagnetic pulses of photons coming from a light source: the sun, a light bulb, or in today’s age your smart phone. Without light we would never see anything – or get to experience the visual sensation of the World around us. In life there are so many things to chase: a dream, a new job, a college degree, riding a bike for the first time, or taking that first baby step. While these are all wonderful things, I believe that light in its natural state is one of the most beautiful sensations we ever witness. Wake up early, and watch the Sunrise – then enjoy your day concluding with a sunset. Notice how no two are ever the same; and, give you an opportunity to have a unique experience each and every day of your life.

I hope you enjoy my blog, my story, and my journey to capture the world’s light one shot at a time. The best Camera you can own is the one you take with you!

Denver Sunset – Downtown looking Westdenver-sunset-december-1-of-1

Denver Sunrise – City ParkĀ two-trees-1-of-1

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