When Travelling there are so many choices, airline carriers, class of service, and most importantly convince. Iceland air offers a breadth of options, with convenience being the ultimate win for me coming from the United States. With 12 nonstop flights from: Anchorage, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Tampa and Washington D.C., Iceland air should be your first choice. The airfares are seasonable, and often beat out any other option and would require a layover. Their baggage policy is generous, and offers two free check bags per person. Aircraft vary in size from narrow body to wide body – with some of them equipped to feature a special “northern lights” show as you doze off on the red-eye to an island full of adventure.

Icelandair – Named after Katla the big volcano


Arrival in Reykjavik is simple but may be cold! Be sure to pack an extra layer that is handy if travelling in the winter months. Customs is a breeze, and is the first of many polite and personable experiences you will have with the citizens of Iceland.

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