Iceland – South Coast Waterfalls

Visiting the Waterfalls of Iceland at first thought will make you scratch your head, it’s just water, right? Well – to an extent yes; but, how far it falls, how much there is, and the environment where it happens will create a curiosity to explore even more. Where does all the water come from – and where else can I see something like this! The good news is Iceland has hundreds more to explore. Be sure to walk behind Seljanlandfoss and get a photograph from behind at sunset. Get as close to Skogafoss as you can without getting drenched, and hike up to the top. For a more casual encounter visit Kvernufoss, or Gluggafoss. On a day with good weather (that’s anything where the wind isn’t howling and it’s snowing sideways!) Seljanlandfoss is only 1.5 hours from Reykjavik, With Skogafoss just another 30 minutes down the road. If you want to spend more time on the south coast, here are a few more ideas for you! 

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