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Gili Lankanfushi Received an incredibly prestigious award in 2015. With hundreds of thousands of users and reviews, Trip Advisor sifted through the data and crowned Gili Lankanfushi in the Maldives the Number 1 Hotel in the world! The paramount service, hosts, cusine, and accomodations truly make this island a majestic paradise.

No News, No Shoes: The tag line of the entire experience at Gili Lankanfushi. As you are swept away from the bustling and busy airport at Male on a private speed boat, the opportunity to slip your shoes off and into a sustainable burlap bag start the laid back adventure that allows you to unplug for the outside world, and simply relax. Getting around the island is easy with your complimentary bamboo bike, or a ride from your Friday in a buggy. 

Arrival at Gili Lankanfushi leaves you breathless, and immediately relaxed. The resort will greet you with several staff members and quickly whisk you away to your private over water villa on one of three jetty’s. Privacy is of the utmost importance at Gili, and starts with your villa. Encompassing three areas, a large outdoor patio and sun deck is just one area to lounge in. The Bedroom is enclosed, air conditioned and has a day bed along with a desk and full king size bed. The second level of the villa is an outdoor patio with a sun shaded day bed that you can also have prepared in the evenings to sleep under the stars! With Bose Speakers throughout the villa, relax with your favorite music while enjoying cocktails from the mini bar, or delivered fresh from the hotel over water bar! Your Private bathtub overlooking the lagoon and outdoor shower provide wonderful refreshing amenities along with his an her vanities. No matter where you are in your villa, the view is always looking out over clam crystal clear turquoise water. A blue ocean paradise, surrounded with crystal white sand atop an atoll and extinct ancient volcano in the Indian Ocean. 

Water Sports At Gili:

  • Jet Board
  • Kayak
  • Sailing
  • Scuba
  • Snorkel
  • SUP
  • Water Ski

Top Three Activities:

  • Scuba Manta Point
  • Snorkel with the Marine Biologist 
  • SUP to Overwater Hammock

Enjoy the Dinning Options!

The Cuisine at Gili is fresh and unique to the island, where most produce is grown organically in the local garden. With a team of nearly 30 chefs, there are three restaurants to choose from: The over Water Bar, By The Sea and the Main Dinning Restaurant. In Addition to this, there are several beautiful private dining locations  that can be arranged with your Mr. Friday know as Destination Dining. The options include: A 360 table with views of the entire island, Palm Beach, Three Palm Island, The Jungle Cinema, an underground Wine cellar and the Chefs Table in the Garden. Each Private Dining experience can be set up for a couple or an entire family! 

Meera Spa – a Uniqe Brand

Not all Spa’s were created equal, and this is certainly the case for the Meera Spa at Gili Lankanfushi. A unique brand to the resort, there are six beautiful treatment rooms, each acocmodating up to two guests. Laying on the massage bed, your view is through the glass floor directly into the lagoon water. Enjoy watching fish swim by and feed on the near by corals as you relax with a soothing spa treatment tailored to your specific needs. The complimentary sauna and steam rooms sit in his and her locker rooms which are open air with no windows or walls, to let the sounds of the nature surrounding you pour in helping you relax and decompress. 

Marine Biology & Restoring Coral

The Maldives are home to hundreds of species of fish and coral. Unfortunatley as the earths oceans continue to warm, the marine environment around Gili Lankanfushi is constantly shifting. In an effort to learn more about what is happening and preserve the habitat surrounding Gili, there is a full time Marine Biologist on staff. With a dedicated facility, you can stop in to learn more about what is happening, and even go out for a snorkel on the reef to learn more first hand! Guests have an opportunity to give back to the environment and purchase a coral line that the Marine Biology team will plant in the sea, grow it and then move it to a new home for years to come! 

Eco Friendly Initiatives 

The Maldives and all of the 1,900 islands are made of Coral. Sitting in the Indian Ocean, this delicate environment requires strong attention to sustainability. At Gili Lankanfushi, they are committed to recycling nearly everything on the island. All the food waste is composted at the on site Eco Center, and they are Earth Check certified. Gili is also teamed up with local islands to reduce the use of plastic and recycle it properly, instead of transporting it to the landfill. With a commitment to being eco friendly, Gili Lankanfushi is not only sustaining itself for generations to come, but it is encouraging the community and it’s guests to join them in a life long commitment to being sustainable. 

Mr. & Ms. Friday

The Concept of a concierge is one that most are acquainted too when staying at a hotel. When you come to Gili Lankanfushi though, there is no concierge, or front desk, there is just your Mr./Ms. Friday. This individual is on call 24/7 for your entire stay and there to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied at all times. They carry a mobile device that they’ll answer at a moments notice. If you need fresh ice, want to book a dive trip, or just have some questions about when the sun sets and what is for dinner that evening, give them a call! The Friday’s are some of the Maldives finest, polite and professional hosts you will ever encounter!

Jungle Cinema 

Growing up, everyone has thier favorite movie. Over time it’s likely that you’ll rewatch it, maybe on DVD at home, or maybe on Netflix while you’re riding a train. The chances that you’ve watched it in an outdoor theater, under candel light and the night stars are next to none though. When you arrive at Gili Lankanfushi, talk to your Friday and let them know what movie you’d like to watch, and they will arrange it for you any night of the week! The screen is nearly fifteen feet tall, while chase lounges with blankets and of course cocktails are all part of the experience. Make the night extra special, and book a destination dinner, then move over to your lounge’s and enjoy a feature film! 

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving should not be missed at Gili Lankanfushi. The obvious nature of clear water, visibility that goes well over 80′ on a clear day and an abundance of marine life give you world class locations to dive. Better than all of this is the convenience of it at Gili. Dives run throughout the day, so for a 2 PM dive you simply need to leave your villa by 1:55, and arrive at the dive center for an on time departure, all the while you still have not put your shoes on! The private dive boat will pick you up at the arrival jetty where your gear is already put together, your weight belt is on the cushioned bench and you’re off! within 15 minutes the dive master can review nearly 3 sites and choose the best one for you to go experience. The boat is shaded, but also has a ladder to climb atop the roof where a large lounge couch lets you relax and have fresh fruit and water prepared for you by the staff once your dive is complete! The convenience, and pristine diving conditions make a scuba adventure relaxing and fun. 

Sunset View Points

Nearly everyone who goes to the Maldives looks forward to the sunset, and sunrise if sleeping in doesn’t get the best of you! Throughout the resort there are a number of beautiful locations to watch the sunset. Some of them combine a destination dining experience, like on palm beach, others are hidden and less obvious. The Over Water Bar floats out into the lagoon, and has tables, chaise lounges, and nets suspended over the crystal turquoise water. Walk along the beach you can find several hammocks tied between trees. For a more secluded option, take a pontoon boat out to the floating deck  anchored in the lagoon! 

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