Costa Rica – Zip Line Adventure

When you visit Costa Rica, one of the top attractions is to go see the volcanoes, followed immediately by a canopy tour via zip line. The entire country is full of lush forest, sprawling with wildlife and plant life. Choosing to opt for a small adventure, the Monkey Jungle tour was located about 90 minutes from our paradise accommodation at the Four Seasons. A rental car is something that everyone considers when visiting Costa Rica, but the stories of roads and potholes can sometime deter you from deciding to get behind the wheel. We opted to get a car, and it worked out just fine. The stories are true though – anything aside from the main highways will have potholes in sporadic locations, so be aware.

  Opting for an early arrival at the Monkey Jungle our zipline tour began at 10 AM, and lasted just over two hours. There are several options including public and private tours. The earlier you arrive the less crowded it will be, and the quicker you can move through from one to the next. Getting from one zipline to the next is varied, some paths are easy trails through the forest, and others are on elevated sky bridges suspended between trees! There is one small hike uphill, bot for the most part you somehow always go downhill!

Throughout the Canopy tour you will break for water, shade and the view! They have two lines that are over a ¼ mile long on the standard tour where you get up to a pretty quick speed. There are measures in place at the end of every ride to slow you down and assure you land safely, avoiding obstacles. If you are still in need of an adrenaline rush as the end of the normal canopy tour, they have three super fast zip lines that you can do as an extra. For these they will even strap you in like superman!

Monkey Jungle is a great tour, and offers great service with awesome guides! I was able to hand my camera over to the guide for most of the tour so they could take photos of us along the way, and have a fun little memory once we left.

Once you are done with the Canopy tour, head for Playa Penca for a fun afternoon on the beach!


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