Costa Rica – Playa Penca

Playa Penca  is a hidden gem, plain and simple. Maybe it’s the small adventure it takes to get there, or maybe it’s the simple fact these beaches are everywhere and this happens to be the one I was lucky enough to find. Nestled at the bottom of a small peninsula, there is a short dirt road – that’s quite steep at one point – to get there. You’ll have to park at the end of it and descend about 400 feet down to the beach, but once you’re there, leaving is out of the question!

With calm waters surrounded by trees (for shade) the occasional boat will pull up to snorkel and maybe have lunch on the beach, but for the most part you will have this to yourself. You can snorkel right off the beach, going right or left there are small coral on the rocks that form the jetty with lots of mini marine life to enjoy.

I will note that there is a security guard where the road turns off the main thoroughfare, but all you need to do is give them your name and license plate number. The land the road is on is private and looks like it will eventually be developed into a resort; but when, I cannot speak to. Travelling there in 2016 things were untouched and a beautiful place to be!

To find out where this is exactly check out the Google Map Link here

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