Backcountry in The Gore Range

The Gore Range is centrally located in Colorado and is what gives I-70 it’s famous “V” shape on a map over Vail Pass. With several peaks above 12,000 feet there is a significant amount of jagged terrain to explore both in the Winter and Summer months. With a break in one of the snowiest January’s on record I had to get out and go see for myself what kind of powdered sugar had been dumped on a funnel cake in the mountains.

This series of photographs was taken whilst hiking 4,000 vertical feet to the top of Outpost Peak via the ridge line. The trailhead is located just off east Vail Exit 180 near pitkin Creek. Getting an Early Start in the morning Provided phenomenal views of the I-70 Valley through open meadows and aspen trees.

Climbing higher, the aspen trees break away to the first views of these massive mountains. They demand much respect from backcountry skiers as there are several places to have that perfect run, but the consequences are high if things do not go right. It’s times like this where I am excited to have my camera with me so that I can just capture the moment and continue on to look for another fun, safe place to ski. The views of our path to the top became scenic in itself.


After about 4.5 hours of uphill travel with a few pit stops along the way to photograph the surroundings, the summit was all that I wanted it to be and more. To me these mountains are bold and beautiful. They are touch with little claws that scrape away the rock to create a distinct look.

Gore Black vail peak (1 of 1).jpgzoom-black-sharp-1-of-1

Getting to the top of a mountain with skis, skins and the necessary safety equipment in the backcountry, is always a rewarding experience. You might ask why? Check out what it was like on the way down!

Skiing Steeo (1 of 1).jpgkp-skier-1-of-1

Stay tuned for more adventure!


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